Little Known Facts about the world of pests

Though they are most often perceived as an inconvenience or problem, insects and rodents are actually very interesting.

  • Fleas have changed history. More human deaths have been attributed to fleas than all of the wars ever fought. As carriers of the bubonic plague, fleas were responsible for killing one-third of the population of Europe in the 14th Century.
  • Rats contaminate and destroy enough food worldwide each year to feed 200 million people, according to estimates from the World Health Organization.
  • A cockroach can survive a month or more without food...but less than two weeks without water.
  • Queens of some species of termites are reported to live for 50 years, although the average age is nearer 15.
  • Bumblebees can maintain a body temperature of 86 to 98.6 degrees even when the the air is near freezing by a heat producing chemical process in the flight muscles.
  • There are five times as many species of insects as there are all other types of animals combined.
  • Most insects live less than a year. A mayfly lives just a few hours.
  • If a 175 pound man had the comparative strength of an ant, he could lift four tons.
  • African weaver ants can haul prey weighing more than 1,000 times their own weight up trees to their nests mainly through the aid of large adhesive pads on each foot.
  • A species or armadillo that is a frequent pest in Texas and other Gulf Coast states bear exactly four babies of the same sex which are genetically identical.
  • The common mole can routinely tunnel under sod at a rate of seven feet every twelve seconds.